Shine Craft Vessels Target Segmentation

I have an affinity for small businesses and startups. I love helping them grow and finding their place in the world. It's a chance to build something from scratch, and there is nothing more exciting to me than that. 


Last Summer, I got the chance to intern for a small barware company called Shine Craft Vessels. They design, manufacture, and sell premium vessels and barware across the United States. They strive to create function-driven products that are beautifully designed and made from quality materials. Shine's mission is to make whatever adventure you embark on better with the help of their products. 


As a startup, its difficult narrowing down who the target is and how to reach them. One of the task's I was given this Summer was finding out everything there is to know about them so they could better communicate with them. I identified three core groups of people and distilled the information in easy-to-understand infographics. 

Flip through and get to know these people like I did.