Hi, I'm Lauren

I'm an athlete at heart. I've lived my life with a fire in my belly telling me I can always do better than my personal best. It's engrained in me to learn, work hard, try it out, and repeat until I reach my goal or solution. Growing up an athlete taught me to never stop pivoting. If one way in doesn't work, I find one that will. 

I live life with one button unbuttoned. I've been told I come off poised and put together at first glance, but on further inspection I'm a real goofball. 

At my core, I believe in hard work, trusting your gut, and never taking life too seriously. 

and i've got a few quirks

Corgis freak me out. I have a hard time trusting a dog with that fluffy of a butt.

I vacuum on a daily basis. Cordless vacuums are life changing appliances that are truly a blast to use.  

I have enough pillows in my home for every animal on Noah’s ark. I’m a sucker for a well designed pillow.

If you’re still reading (yikes).

I’ve watched Ocean’s 11, 12 & 13 about a thousand times preparing for when they need a new addition to the team.

Stronger by Kanye West is my favorite song to date, no matter what weird stuff he’s doing this season. 

I sing to my cat very frequently. Mainly because she’s the only one that’ll tolerate it.  

If you want to see more of all this, checkout these fun jumping photos here.